Posted by: Tony Carson | 8 November, 2009

Only hot air at Copenhagen

Can anything come of the Copenhagen talks on climate change, the successor to the expiring Kyoto Conference?

No, says Time, not when the world’s only superpower is not taking a leadership role.

The magazine compares these talks to the World Trade Organization’s Doha Development Round of negotiations to increase global trade by reducing trade barriers between countries. Eight years later nothing has come from these negotiations, largely because the west is intent on protecting its own markets with trade subsidies that punish the developing world.

Same message this time. The countries that provide most of the pollution that causes global warming are loath to give up their ‘most favoured nation status.’

All they seem to be doing is inviting the developing countries into their big smog-filled tent to pretend to talk about doing something to address an issue for which they, themselves, are largely responsible.

But what should we expect? Many Western countries (Canada, US, for example) aren’t getting any leadership within their own borders, why would we expect any on the world stage?

How do you kick an issue like global warming under the rug? Same way you did it with Doha — just drag it out and party on.


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