Posted by: Tony Carson | 9 November, 2009

Climate change — off the media radar

Peruse on-line main stream media and you’ll find virtually nothing on Climate Change and the up-coming Copenhagen Conference.

The media is great with its coverage of Balloon Boy and Britney and Agassi’s book but when it comes to covering The Big Issue, it is more often than not AWOL.

That’s why we got for more years of Bush, the Iraq war, the escalation in the Afghanistan war (inevitably) and the Israeli government’s destabilizing the entire Middle East and thinking world — an indifferent media who fails to hold the Powerful to account, their supposed job.

The media is better at covering a local fire than the reasons behind a global flood.

In fact, the media is trading in its foreign correspondents for local paparazzi. Its easier to print the thousand words of a picture than to think about them and peck them out.

So we chip in, we do our part.

Here’s a cut and paste backgrounder to The Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change. It’s kind of important that we all know what’s going on.

In 2012 the Kyoto Protocol to prevent climate changes and global warming runs out. To keep the process on the line there is an urgent need for a new climate protocol. At the conference in Copenhagen 2009 the parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meet for the last time on government level before the climate agreement need to be renewed.

Therefore the Climate Conference in Copenhagen is essential for the worlds climate and the Danish government and UNFCCC is putting hard effort in making the meeting in Copenhagen a success ending up with a Copenhagen Protocol to prevent global warming and climate changes.

Governmental representatives from 170 countries are expected to be in Copenhagen in the days of the conference accompanied by other governmental representatives, NGO’s, journalists and others. In total 8000 people are expected to Copenhagen in the days of the climate meeting.

The conference in Copenhagen is the 15th conference of parties (COP15) in the Framework Convention on Climate Change. The recent meeting in United Nations Climate Change Conferences was held in December 2007 in Bali.


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