Posted by: Tony Carson | 9 November, 2009

Make Copengagen too big to fail

The ‘Make it too big to fail’ tactic seems to have worked wonderfully for the fat cats on Wall Street. We, the people, have a few weeks left to try to make it work well at Copenhagen, too.

“Warmists,’ in the American pejorative parlance, recognize that the planet has a problem. We are sliding down an oil-induced slippery slope and if we don’t do something significant, fast we’re just going to pick up speed … irreversible speed towards … the unthinkable.

There is enormous risk in doing nothing.

So let’s try to make our protest of probable Copenhagen in-action roundly known. Let’s make our protest so loud our collective voices will make the talks ‘too big to fail.’

Tactic #! — eProtest: send this email to everyone you know — maybe it will create enough ‘noise’ on the internet to make its point.

Subject line: Make Copenhagen too big to fail.

It’s our planet. We are involved.

Accept the targets. Failure is not an option.

Pass this on to everyone you know.

Sure, it’s a peep in the wilderness but that wilderness can get pretty noisy very fast.



  1. copenhagen is a complete waste and a fraud that will starve mliions of poor.. the Climategate exposes that the science is a scam amd built on criminal conspiracy as shown in the material that was produced when the CRU in east anglia was put onlone.. the wcientists admit to fixing eveidence and changing it to suit their needs … to collusion to censure opposing views even to alter the peer review process… to them admitting amongst themselves global warming doesnt exist… it is a criminal conspiracy to take the soverengty from nations and for marxist wealth redistribution…. copenhagen should be a hearing on who politically financially and scientifically were involved and charges of treason filed against them…… climategate the greatest scam and theft of our time … mark my words there will be civil war in America if this fraud is perpetrated on American citizens … this repesents a 40% tax on the average income at a time when umeployment is 17.9% when not adjusted with the ficticious birth death ratio…… there is no makeing a criminal conspiracy like global warming fraud too big to fail its own scientists are caught red handed.. just google climategate you will see thousands of emails and research disproving global warming in their own words ..micheal mann ect and reveal the largest conspiracy and treason in modern history

  2. If the Copenhagan Treaty gets inacted the lives of our children and grand-children and so forth- until there is a Civil War- will be ruined!
    Treaties do not have to go through Senate and Congress to pass—if this is inacted it will be the biggest mistake we have EVER ALLOWED TO HAP-PEN. EVER! ALL IT IS is a fast track for the UN to take over and rule America under one world order–capntrade and global warming are the biggest hoax’s of our time! PLEASE DO not ALLOW this to happen! We have to try! If this passes we will have war in America that is a promise. We do NOT want that either!!!
    the scientist who recorded the info for global warming study have been caught! Mainstream media is NOT reporting it– google hackers prove global warming a HOAX. OBAMA himself said with capntrade our power bills will quadrupal–PPL please look into this and MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD! EMAIL MEDIA TODAY! Time is of the essence!
    Say NO to Copenhagan Treaty!!!!

  3. Um. Probably not.

    Its just a treaty for carbon emissions. There are treaties that are signed about these things, its what grownups do.

    It will be okay.

    • It is clear that you have not read the treaty!

    • It will be the end of our constitution and our freedom. It will be the end of our religions. It will be the end of this “free country.” Do your homework buddy.

  4. It became too big to fail.

    10 days ago the conference was all but a dead letter but because of the out-cry (even during those emails) China committed something, the US and Canada made commitments, a fund for the third-world gained momentum. With this have happened if 75% of the people agree that there is global warming and demanded something be done? No, I think Copenhagen became too big to fail thanks to the people.

  5. 75% for this you say? 75% of the people say..lets bankrupt our country and let’s have Global governance oh and yeah lets be taxed another 40% on top of all the other outrageous taxes besiged upon American tax payers, for a science that has been proven to be faulty. Golly and why don’t you compare this situation to all the other Too big to fails that were bailed out by the government and still failed anyway with our tax dollars. Your despicable

  6. After reading much of the University of East Anglia emails and source code,
    Northpal’s assessment is as follows:

    You see all the fear mongering Alarmists are now trying to minimize the intent of the emails,but they cannot do that with the source code and data manipulation.
    That is cut and dried, hard wired in the results.
    Just like a list of ingredients that bake a cake,
    it truly is what it is, the sum of it’s parts.
    It is out and out fraud in regards to the results.
    This clearly delegitimizes any claims of global warming.
    The more people, who are exposed, and familiarized to these hard facts,
    the better the chance they might finally wake up
    and shrug off their emotional investment in Global Warming, Climate Change, or any other such nonsense.
    That emotional investment is the only hold the UN and cohorts have going for them.
    This is the gift from those whistle blowers which we need to be explained.

    An easy explanation of what ClimateGate means, ClimateGate emails and computer programs were taken from a main server at the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia.
    It is not known if this was a theft or the actions of a whistleblower, disgusted with what the lead scientists at CRU were doing.
    ClimateGate exposed the cabal of 20 – 30 scientists (not just at CRU) that peer reviewed each others papers, strong-armed scientific journals to only print their views, and then sat on the IPCC panels as authors judging which published studies go into the IPCC final reports.
    This is why they always keep shouting “peer reviewed studies, peer reviewed studies, peer reviewed studies”.
    They owned the peer review process.
    ClimateGate exposed that this small group has been adding positive corrections to the raw global temperature data, inflating the amount of published temperature rise over the last 50 years.
    Both CRU in the UK and NASA-GISS in the US add these biases.
    At CRU, the programmers did not even know what and why some corrections were added every month.
    Only since satellite monitoring for comparison have the amounts of biasing leveled off.
    ClimateGate exposed the leaders of this cabal instructing each other to delete emails, data files, and data analysis programs ahead of already filed Freedom Of Information Act requests for raw data and computer codes, clearly a crime. ClimateGate exposed the “trick” about the Hockey stick figure and other studies that performed proxy construction of past temperatures.

    *** Definition Climate proxies
    Climate proxies are devices that suggest the climate patterns of the past, even before those patterns were archived by humans.[1] To produce the most precise results, systematic cross-verification between proxy indicators is necessary for accuracy in readings and record-keeping.[2] The study of past climates is known as paleoclimatology.[3] Examples of proxies include ice cores, tree rings, boreholes, corals, and lake and ocean sediments.
    *** End of Definition

    After all, reconstruction of the last 1,000 years of climate is the first step in predicting the future with super computer programs as explained below: Everything about all 21 super computer programs used by the IPCC to determine future global warming rely on best-determined past sensitivities to solar and volcanic effects (climate forcings) from the proxy temperature record.
    1. The elimination of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age (the handle of the hockey stick) was necessary so that past solar effects could be minimized, thereby allowing almost all of the warming in the last 75 years to be blamed on Greenhouse Gasses. Raw data (like tree-ring thickness, radioisotope of mud layers in a lake bottom, ice core analyses, etc.) are used as a proxy for reconstruction of the temperature record for 1000 AD to 1960 AD. To ensure desired results, statistical manipulation of the raw data and selecting only supporting data, cherry-picking, was suspected and later proved.
    2. The slope of long-term 10-year running average global temperature using thermometers from 1900 to present (the blade of the hockey stick) was maximized with the sloppy gridding code, Urban Heat Island effects, hiding the declines, and even fabricating data (documented in the leaked source code comments revealed with ClimateGate). This ensured that the Greenhouse Gas effect coefficient in all 21 of the super computers was maximized, and that maximizes the temperature result at year 2100 based on Greenhouse Gas increases. This thermometer data was used to replace the tree ring-divergence after 1960 and plot this over the climate history data of (1) above giving the false impression that the reconstructed 1000 AD to 1960 AD results are more accurate than they are.

    *** Definition Backcasting
    Backcasting starts with defining a desirable future and then works backwards to identify policies and programs that will connect the future to the present.
    The fundamental question of backcasting asks: “if we want to attain a certain goal, what actions must be taken to get there?”
    Forecasting is the process of predicting the future based on current trend analysis.
    Backcasting approaches the challenge of discussing the future from the opposite direction.
    *** End of Definition

    3. Because tuning of the super computer programs uses back casting, the computer outputs could always replicate the 20th Century (by design); therefore it was assumed that the models had almost everything in them. Because of (1) and (2) above, nearly all climate change predicted by the models was due to CO2 and positive feedbacks and hardly any of the climate change was for other reasons like solar, understood or not.
    4. Over the years, when better numbers for volcanic effects, black carbon, aerosols, land use, ocean and atmospheric multi-decadal cycles, etc. became available, it appears that CRU made revisions to refit the back cast, but could hardly understand what the code was doing due to previous correction factor fudging and outright fabricating, as documented in the released code as part of ClimateGate.
    5. After the IPCC averages the 21 super computer outputs of future projected warming (anywhere from 2-degrees to 7-degrees, not very precise), that output is used to predict all manner of catastrophes. (Fires, floods, droughts, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, insects, extinctions, diseases, civil wars, cats & dogs sleeping together, etc.)
    So shut-up or be called a denier, live the way we tell you to live, pay more for everything, and just send money for my research on the effects of global climate change on horseshoe crabs (which have been around for about 440 million years through all possible temperature ranges).

    I hope that this makes the ClimateGate controversy easier to understand.


    450 peer-reviewed papers Al Gore and the IPCC somehow managed to miss

    It seems there have been many Scientists risking the wrath and economic ruin
    meted out by the Empire of Global Waring.
    Rather odd that none of the bureaucratic entities nor main stream media could find any.
    Here are some:

    450 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of “Man-Made” Global Warming

  7. No response needed, this is bullshit.

  8. It’s all a fraud! Stand-up and make your voice heard!

  9. First off, this treaty is mostly about setting up a totalitarian world government using climate as a tactic to do it, even though it’s based on faulsified climate data. Also, If they are attempting to give the climate the status of “Religion,” then we would all be paying to support the “Church.” Seporation of church and state has no baring here. This whole thing is criminal.

  10. Everyone knows that Climate Change is an almighty scam, it will NEVER be a Religion because Religion implys God, Godliness, purity, conscienciousness, rigthousness, fairness, justice, respect, liberty, freedom equality and above all love for others….

    There is nothing good, Godly, pure, rightious. fair about blatant lying and using crimnal means for the purposes of extortion, racketeering, corruption, enslavement of innocent good people..

    This Copenhagen Treaty is nothing but anti God anti Religion anti anything Good con trol devise. Designed to harm and destroy the lives of the majority and fund the greed of a Minority of exceptionally wicked evil people. THIS TREATY MUST NOT EVER BE SIGNED… IT DOES NOT STAND FOR ME!!!

  11. Make you voice heard by joining the massive anti Climate Change protest Demo in UK Central London 5th December 2009.. Check online for details

  12. where do i sign? no really, where the hell do i sign the petition?

  13. I am vehemently opposed to the facist untruth that is the Copehagen Treaty.

  14. No think you i kinda like my freedom hell no to Copehagen Treaty i mean plus its a scam

  15. where is the petition ?? really…

  16. To all you folk who have written in about this, we have a lot in common.

    We are both repeating the messages of others.

    The only difference is that while I try to amplify the message of 1000 climate scientists, you parrot the opinion of a brain-dead conspiracy theorist.

    You know, you really should read some of this with open eyes.

    • there are more than 31 thousand scientists saying its a scam that is 30 times as many as the caught fixing the temps and faking science scientists you refer to like michael mann fraud hockey stick… or perhaps the gentlem,an who stepped doen eh folks dont do that if they are innocent… face it lame its a scam and its over

  17. I say no to the Copenhagen Treaty.

  18. no bloody way…that copenhagen way
    and no where is,the Love of GOD!!We all say no to your rothchid one world government….thre devil is with YOU!! I say.NO WAY EH!!

  19. Fuck this!!!

  20. If the US goverment is under the impression that they won’t be held accountable please direct your personel to south Tx, feel free to trace my IP address after leaving this comment.

    We’ll do lunch. 😉

  21. No copenhagen or any other bs scam to Tax us!

  22. How can we let this happen?! Global warming is NOT TRUE. I also say NO to copenhagen

  23. Hey FucK The new world order !!

  24. No to Copenhagen. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

  25. CO2 is one of the 4 essential elements to life on this planet. We will not let them attack life.

  26. People I urge you to use your voice this is a lethal piece to their plan of a One World Luciferian Order. Expose these snakes for what they are.

  27. This is geonazism worldwide. These neo pagan demonized corporate communazi bastards & whores setting us all up for the kill don’t care about the enviroment. They only care about absolute power & domination of this world & everyone & every in it. They want to systematically destroy us, our children, our elderly, our communities, & our countries. They want to wipe out possibly as much as 95% of the human population so that they themselves can inherit the earth. They want to violate our children in every way, shape, form, & fashion. They want to pull the plug on our elderly, deny them healthcare. They want to eradicate the physically, mentally, & neurologically handicapped people in the same manner as Hitler wanted. They want to put birth control in our drinking water & hell, it’s probably in the food & chemtrails anyway. These bastards & whores arriving in Copenhagen in their limos & private jets don’t give a damn about the enviroment. They only want to become the gods & goddesses of this world & fly out to the stars after we’re dead, gone, & out of their way. This geonazi plan of theirs will wipe us all out unless we take a stand against their evil empire. The elitists bastards & whores are satanic all the way through. They need to be stopped at all costs & may God in Heaven deliver us should we fail.

  28. NO COPENHAGEN!!! No world government. Stop the control of the people of America. Wake up people. Our leaders are greedy self-involved CROOKS. It’s time we stand up for what is rightfully ours. OUR FREEDOM!

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