Posted by: Tony Carson | 10 November, 2009

‘Lust conquers all’

The advertising campaign to sell GM’s new Camaro muscle car is ‘Lust conquers all.’ And it seems to be working. Prospective buyers are lusting for three months until they can get their rocks off in the fast lane.

But isn’t the era of the muscle car just so over? Haven’t we yet learned that when you are burning twice as much gas as I am, you are costing me more at the pump? Wasn’t that the great Hummer take-away?

That’s why society has so many regulations and needs so many more. There will always be the people who need more no matter what the expense to others.

Ironic, isn’t it? The company that went bankrupt selling SUVs no one could afford to drive, is now staking its future on muscle cars no one should be allowed to own.

Kind of reminds you of the other big bail-out. The Financial District got $3 trillion of taxpayers money and promptly rewarded itself with gazillion dollar bonuses. Now, GM, which got billions, is flipping the bird at taxpayers by building a version of the very thing that made the taxpayer rush to its rescue.

Anyway, what does ‘lust conquer all’ actually mean? That if you stick it in the wrong place you won’t catch an STD?

Ya, they will. And as they’re sticking it to us, so might we.

The oil industry is all about supply and demand. As demand increases with high octane muscle cars, the oil industry quite naturally will restrict supply. They’ve done it for years and they’ll do it again.

Thanks GM. Brilliant work. Again.



  1. Getting 300 HP at about 30 MPG on the highway is not SUV-like mileage.

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