Posted by: Sam Carson | 10 November, 2009

TckTckTck – We need action in Copenhagen

Pussyfooting isn’t actually a rude word, which is a shame. It is in reference to the way that cats step around things, rather than a waste of time due to nobody having the balls to do the right thing. Semantic differences and the definition is much less offensive, but it once expressed a more edgier outrage at the political horse-trading and general myopia that seems to be defining the run-up to the Copenhagen climate talks.

Perhaps the politicians aren’t reading the litany of reports, essays and literature being produced on the topic of climate change. I can tell you that what passes across my desk is terrifying and persistently so. Sometimes it is hyped a bit in order to grab attention, but that is getting bogged down in the detail. The best case scenario in most social models of climate adaptation represent a frightening shift away from the status quo.

Now, I’m no climate scientist, nor do I care to pretend to be one – like the scores of armchair statisticians arguing about  hockey sticks, playing the role of petulant patient in an episode of House. The word is: this is a problem. Such that it is, its a fucking huge problem, because we’ve made quite a habit of digging up carbon and sticking it the atmosphere. Therefore things must happen now.

Dick Chaney put forward the One Percent Doctrine, some rubbish about if there is a one percent chance of a threat to national security it should be acted upon. Climate Change wasn’t his bag, obviously, so I have to relish the irony of this being the centre of a call to arms.

There is a much, much better than one percent chance Climate Change will FUBAR the world as we know it. Start making phone calls, writing letters, talking to people and be counted – we need a global concerted effort.

And we need it now. Every hour contains Gigawatt-hours of dirty energy, every second, we get less room to move, less time to change with.

Tck Tck Tck.


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