Posted by: Tony Carson | 11 November, 2009

Lights out today, Olympic threat in 7 years

Brazil blackout hit up to 60m, spur Olympic fears.

Funny, how the media makes it sound like the Olympics is the most important event a country will ever have; it’s absolutely critical to the health, welfare and reputation of the host country.

A blackout today isn’t about how disruptive it is to citizens but what impact it might have on the Olympics — seven years away. Preposterous.

Increasingly, people are being turned off by a spectacle that comes with obscenely extravagant costs, inflated, unaffordable tickets and that has degenerated into an unseemly perk for the corporate and the well-connected.

The Olympics don’t matter to most of us. It was a great idea during ‘amateur’ times, now it’s just another profit centre.

Prediction: it will be toast within 2 decades as it becomes increasingly unaffordable and inaccessible to the majority. Good riddance.


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