Posted by: Tony Carson | 12 November, 2009

John King, no southern gentleman

When I heard John King was going to take over from Lou Dobbs, I thought, oh oh, the guy is going to do a Lou Dobbs, he’s going to started out as a semi-balanced ‘journalist’ then carve out his idiosyncratic niches as Lou did, with his rants on immigration, Buy ‘Merican, anti-labour and all the rest.

The reason why I thought King might go the way of Dobbs speaks of my own, personal, shameful bias. King reminds me of Elvis, its in the hair, the eyes, the curling lip — even in the voice (love to hear him say, ‘thank you, thank you very much’) and Elvis was from the south and we all know that American Southerners have a unique take on life that often clashes with humanism and reason.

When I heard of King’s appointment, I gave it a few months before King would start advocating for farm animals and complaining about the high cost of obesity.

But it turns out King was born in Massachusetts for goodness sake, and schooled in Rhode Island.

And I learned something on Wikipedia that seems somehow really weird, kind of incestuously weird … not that there’s anything wrong with that: King is married to CNN star Dana Bash and he converted to her Judaism before the Jewish equivalent of ‘I do.’

Anyway, I apologize for my bias and wish the Bash-Kings all the luck in helping CNN turn into a watchable network.


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