Posted by: Tony Carson | 12 November, 2009

Scrivener and blogging

Scrivener is a Mac writing program tailored to novelists and screen writers. It is the best in show, by far, but it is so good it has become my default writing program. Period.


And, perhaps unwittingly, it’s tailor-made for blogging. Here’s why:

• it’s a fast, easy to use sophisticated word processor

• it allows me to store all the blogs I’m working on in one place, just a mouse click away from each other

• it allows drag and drop of pretty much anything

• I can store all the research for each blog in the same place

but here’s the clincher. When I copy research from other sites, I can paste it into Scrivener using shift-option-command-paste; this strips all the localized formatting and pastes the material to conform with my own settings. A God-send because Ecto, my blog app, while pretty good at everything else, is lousy at formatting: I need to make it really easy for Ecto and Scrivener does that by allowing me to paste in format-free variables.

Scrivener is a fantastic program … for a writer, but if you’re a blogger you’ve got even more reasons to marvel at this little gem.

To see it in action, here are some tutorial videos.

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