Posted by: Tony Carson | 13 November, 2009

Let’s hear it for Kryptonite

Having gone through the joys of open heart surgery I feel a rush of thanksgiving that the medical geniuses have found a way to knit the breastbone back together without that wire mesh and the long healing time.

Kryptonite is a super-glue adhesive that rapidly bonds to bone and accelerates the recovery process.

“We can now heal the breastbone in hours instead of weeks after open-heart surgery,” said Dr. Paul Fedak, a cardiac surgeon and scientist at the University of Calgary. “Patients can make a full recovery after surgery and get back to full physical activities in days instead of months.”  

The story is here.



  1. You can see some of the media coverage including TV coverage, as well as read the official press release, at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta blog:

    Interestingly there are 1.4M sternotomies (surgeries where the breast bone is opened up) across the globe each year. My understanding from hearing details of the patient impact that the procedure could easily shave days off each patient’s hospital stay. Conservatively, let’s say only one less day per patient and $1,000 per patient-hospital-day. Even at those underestimates, the procedure could shave $1.4B bottom line from the cost of health care around the globe. In reality it could be a lot more, including with fewer prescriptions. Amazing! Good on the Libin Cardiovascular Institute at the University of Calgary ( – need more doctors, nurses and scientists working together to create real-world solutions. Good stuff Drs Fedak and King!!!

  2. Amen.

  3. There is a new article about this procedure on the second page of the latest Libin Life newsletter. Enjoy!:

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