Posted by: Tony Carson | 13 November, 2009

What Copenhagen Conference?

With just over 3 weeks before the Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming is due to open, the North American press seems still unaware of it.

Is Obama going to attend? What will be the US position? Will it take the leadership role of the world’s only Superpower or will the US just continue complaining about China and India and the rest?

None of the MSM seem to give a damn. And we hear nothing from the august, omnipotent columnists. But then it’s an international conference in a foreign land, what’s that got to do with the US homeland?

The US has a long and proud tradition of not playing well with others — the UN, NATO, international agreements, like the world court, land mines and on it goes. So it’s a bit much to expect discussion from media when global warming isn’t a uniquely American problem, just 24% of it.

Perhaps the Conference should be moved to Memphis or Colorado Springs where the urgency of the issues can be more easily understood.

Perhaps the issues could be neatly folded into editions of South Park or Desperate Housewives so more of us could actually be aware of it.

It sure seems that what should be a momentous event is beginning with a whimper and that can’t be good news for those of us who live on a shoreline.

But it sure is good news for Canada which continues to develop the Tar Sands and lead the world in spewing out green house gasses.

Party on, eh.

Note: I thought the Huffington Post’s blaring headline ‘Care for a swim?’ might be a cute tease into something on global warming. Nope. It was about water on the moon.


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