Posted by: Tony Carson | 14 November, 2009

Canadian hypocracy: warming while insisting others cool

When is hypocrisy flat out self-serving arrogance?

Stephen Harper stands on a world stage lecturing others that all countries must curb green house gas emissions while his country, Canada, continues to lead the world in the rush to toast-up the globe.

Harper is from Alberta, home of the Tar Sands, the development of which makes it impossible for Canada to meet any standards that could reverse the world’s slide into irreversible global warming.

Yet the man has the temerity to lecture others. No wonder Canada is sneered at: at a recent evironment conference some deligates got up and walked out when it was Canada’s turn to speak.

Here, from the Globe and Mail is the kind of crap Harper is trying to peddle:

“If everyone is not included, you set up the possible risk that certain countries will gain economic advantage from being included or not included,” he said.

“If some contribute, or some contribute disproportionately, then the economic risks for others become enormous.

On Friday, Canada’s environment minister said Ottawa is ready to talk climate change with the rest of the world but underscored that the government will also make sure Alberta’s oil sands keep rolling along.

Jim Prentice spoke to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce on Friday, explaining what Canada will negotiate for at the coming climate-change summit in Copenhagen.

Mr. Prentice says both Canada and the United States will be aiming for a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible without killing the economy.

Here is some of the response to his crap:

Environmental groups such as Greenpeace protested outside Mr. Prentice’s speech, saying they want to see the targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions made much higher.

An Australian climate-change expert also criticized Canada’s history when it comes to emission reductions.

Prof. Tim Flannery of the Copenhagen Climate Council, a business-oriented scientific group, told The Canadian Press on Saturday that the UN negotiations in Copenhagen put Canada in “a really difficult position”.

“Canada is by far the biggest defaulter on its Kyoto obligations on a tonnage basis. And as a result of that there is a lack of trust,” he said.

After the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the Liberal government of the day committed to deep emission reductions, but only slowly developed modest reduction policies as emissions continued to rise.

This is a national disgrace that cannot be sustainable. Harper admits the world has a problem then he looks for others to solve it.

It is NIMBY in reverse. OIMBY: ONLY in my back yard.



  1. ‘Continues to lead the world’? Have you not heard of China? India? etc.
    Canada is a small time player in global polution and is right to maintain that ALL countries must sign on to greenhouse emissions controls or there will be no agreement.

  2. Per capita — and do you really expect those countries playing catch-up to the squandering waste that is the developed world’s paradigm should be co-leaders in reversing the trend? Really, we lead them to this state of affairs, we should be the ones to lead the way out of it. And we should treat it like an economic opportunity. Why is this so hard?

  3. ” Prof. Tim Flannery of the Copenhagen Climate Council, a business-oriented scientific group”

    business-oriented scientific group?? what does that mean?

  4. Hmmmm. Though your opinion warrants some serious consideration, I’m pretty sure it’s wrong nonetheless 🙂

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