Posted by: Tony Carson | 16 November, 2009

Canada and the British Home Children: they liked us, they really liked us

The Harper government is pathologically tone deaf.

The most recent example is with the headlines about the UK child migrant program, a draconian initiative that moved upwards of 140,000 impoverished children out of England to countries like Canada and Australia where they were installed as servants in homes and institutions. Some of the children were as young as 3, many were physically and sexually abused.

It seems a version of the English penal colony that populated Australia after North America stopped their convict exports.

The UK is now apologizing for the program, so is Australia. But Canada? No way. Even though Canada got over 100,000 of the child exports, it will accept no shame, instead, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s Conservatives will introduce a motion in the House that will make 2010 The Year of the British Home Child.

Catchy, isn’t it?

Looking for a clue for why Canada is bucking the trend of mia culpas? It’s here:

“It goes without saying that the treatment of these individuals, their experience in Australia, was different to that in Canada.” That is Alykhan Velshi, spokesman for Immigration Minister Kenney.

The Aussies have a lot to apologize for, so do the Brits, but Canadians? “There has not been a widespread call among Canadian descendants of British home children for an apology.” Velshi again.

The poor, impoverished three-year-olds must have really liked being servants of unknown people in a foreign land.

The Globe and Mail story is Canada won’t apologize to British home children.


  1. Does it seem reasonable that a three year old child could possibly be a servant? Please…get a grip. Many families simply wanted to adopt a child.

    My gran was eight when she came over and blessed that she was adopted by the parents who raised her and loved her.

    Canada should apologize when the majority of descendants ask for it…not when the general public think they should. If Canada has 12 per cent of the population as descendants..let us see if five percent ask for an apology… let’s go with that, okay.

  2. Get a grip? …. wow- you really have no compassion towards these poor children. This scheme had nothing to do with families wanting to adopt children! It was all about trying to deccrease the population in the UK and lying to children and their families.

    Your Gran may have been placed into a good home- very lucky for her.

    My GGrandfather was placed in homes where he was expected to sleep in the same conditions and eat the same food as the livestock!

    He never saw his little sister again and was given no answers when he tried to locate her after almost a decade of separation.

    The British and Australian government’s are shamed and embarassed to have taken part in the migration scheme…. Canada should be as well.

    These poor children were brainwashed into believing they were useless & unwanted and that belief carried on into their adult years and, for most, until their death.

    Canada should be thankful for these children as Canada would not be what it is today without them.

    Here’s my vote that the apology would be well deserved. It may be too late for my GGfather and even my Gfather but I have 75- 100 family members (those of the 13 children my GGfather went on to have and their families) who would be more than happy to do what it takes for an apology from the Canadian Government.

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