Posted by: Tony Carson | 17 November, 2009

Kindle does Kanada

Kindle just announced it will finally sell its $259 (US) e-reader in Canada. This, following a five-week delay after making the Kindle available in a 100 other countries and a year after it was available in the US.

So how big a market is there for these things? According to the Globe and Mail in Kindle set to hit Canada:

E-readers make up just 2 per cent of U.S. book sales, but that’s up from less than 1 per cent of the $24.3-billion (U.S.) of sales in 2008, the Association of American Publishers said in June.

In an interview earlier this year, Indigo’s chief executive officer, Heather Reisman, said e-readers are quickly catching on with customers. She suggested that there would be a 15 per-cent erosion in the sale of hard books to the digital world over the next five years.

There have been close to one million downloads on the Shortcovers service (by Indigo) launched earlier this year, the company said.

I’m waiting to see what Apple will do. If Amazon made me wait a year after it made Kindle available next door to us, what’s another few weeks (to a quickly aging grandfather)?


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