Posted by: Tony Carson | 17 November, 2009

Our Vulnerable Cities #1 — consuming the planet to death

Though we take it as a given, economic expansion in human history is just a few centuries old.

“In fact it has only been two generations, from the 1950s, that economic growth has been an instrument of public policy.”

Rees #1.jpeg

The arrow reads: The use of fossil fuels beginning in the 19th century allowed the expansive growth of the human enterprise.

From a fabulously interesting speech by one of Canada’s most eminent environmental scientists, William E. Rees: The Vulnerability and Resilience of Cities.



  1. Yep. A dependable, transportable fuel source allowed more children to survive to reach adulthood. Oh the horror!

  2. Stay tuned, Jonolan. Weve got 27 slides lined up and if they don’t convince you we’ve got a major problem, nothing will — you might want to go out an buy yourself some water wings.

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