Posted by: Tony Carson | 17 November, 2009

Yippee! Canada 8th least corrupt country.

“Why is Canada not number one? We’re not corruption free. We’ve got an awful lot of corruption issues currently,” said James M. Klotz, a lawyer who is president of Transparency International Canada in the Globe and Mail’s Principled index ranks Canada eighth. “We’re pretty good. We’re pretty close to the top.”

Mr. Klotz mentioned several recent scandals, including relating to the sponsorship scandal, eHealth and the Montreal mayoral race. He noted the rankings are based on perceptions, as measured by multiple surveys of businesses and experts, not actual incidents of corruption.

“It’s impossible to measure actual corruption. … By its nature, corruption doesn’t tend to be transparent. It’s just the opposite, it’s quite opaque,” he said. “So the best tool of determining what the corruption situation is in a country is to examine people’s perceptions, those people who have been asked for bribes or see others asking for bribes.”

Other rankings from the article: 1. New Zealand, 2. Denmark, 3. Singapore, 4. Sweden, tied 8. Canada, Australia and Iceland, 19. US. Last was Somalia, followed by Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan.


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