Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 November, 2009

Another canary in the mine shaft: Bleached Coral

The worlds largest living organism, The Great Barrier Reef, off the eastern Coast of Australia is going to bleach white and die unless the world cuts its carbon emissions by up to 90% by the year 2050 and 25% in just 10 years.

That was the message of representatives of the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies to a meeting at the Australian parliament at Canberra.

“We’ve seen the evidence with our own eyes. Climate change is already impacting the Great Barrier Reef,” said Prof Hughes, of James Cook University in Queensland, as reported in CommonDreams.

Australia, one of the world’s biggest carbon emitters per capita, has so far only pledged to cut its emissions by a relatively paltry 5% from 2000 levels by 2020.

Like Canada and the US, Australia pledges to make greater commitments if others do as well. Instead, the UN climate talks in Copenhagen in December are pretty much a dead letter. A back-room deal has kicked the issue down the road.


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