Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 November, 2009

Chrissie or Dr Kildare?

It happened to me twice. I came down with serious illnesses. Both time the expert said I needed surgery.

I was probably throwing a ball around, or in a pub, or canoeing some river when the guy in front of me was in school, studying to become a surgeon.

I had a hell of a lot of fun growing up (which came alarmingly late), the guy with the white coat and stethoscope had a lot of accomplishments.

So, both times, I looked the ‘expert’ in the eye and thought about my past. I could tell the guy a thing or two about about how to play ‘thumper’ or how to ride a steep sand slope in a canoe, but on this, on these? I was all ears.

Suzanne Somers was playing an airhead on a TV sitcom when the people she maligns were in med school. They have science on their side, she has opinion.

She may be right. But when you’re standing in front of someone looking for a way to escape your cancer, do you want it to be Chrissie or Dr Kildare?

Even at that level I’d opt for the Dr. In real life, I’d do it every time.


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