Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 November, 2009

Palin, an Alaskan raven: noisy, aggressive and fun to watch

BagnewsNote’s Michael Shaw says in a tweet: “I don’t care if Palin, as Dems assuredly intone this week, will never be President. She’s still the most dangerous person in America.”

Is she? Hard to think so.

Sure, she has an unusual blend of beauty, chutzpah and conservatism. And that makes her highly charismatic. But it seems that the appeal of her story is how one woman can stretch the bounds of rationality beyond its natural point of toleration.

In other words, we are watching to see just how much pit bull there is in this ‘hockey mom.’

Her ideas, such as they are, seem pretty standard conservative-religio fare which has its appeal but there doesn’t seem to be much room for movement, even with her package. Her constituency is fairly narrow, and narrowing.

But she makes a great metaphor:

She is a flame that, for many, has shone brightly and refuses to go out. But she’s burning up oxygen at a terrific rate; we can see the yellowing of the flame; the flickerings; the curls of smoke.

She is taking more time than expected, but, ultimately, she will snuff herself out. And that might be a pity because the whole Palin thing is pretty entertaining and comes with fantastic pictures.

In the end she’s kind of like an Alaskan raven: noisy, aggressive and fun to watch — and flighty.


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