Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 November, 2009

Our Vulnerable Cities #10 — consuming the planet to death

Our ‘ecological footprints’ are not just outside our city or state but right across the planet. We have already over-shot our global biocapacity by 30%

“Globalization has allowed the wealthy countries to extend their footprints into the productive landscapes of other countries and the global commons.”

Rees #10.png

From a talk by one of Canada’s most eminent environmental scientists, William E. Rees: The Vulnerability and Resilience of Cities.



  1. Great post. I’m encouraged that this story is starting to get real traction as bloggers continue to point out that we’re facing a host of environmental threats of which global warming is but one.

    From fisheries collapses to soil exhaustion to groundwater depletion we are eating our seed corn on virtually every front. We have relied on technological advancements to make us believe that we can defy gravity and now that those consequences of our hubris are being visited upon us, we retain an unshakeable belief that the answer is in yet another technological fix.

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