Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 November, 2009

Philosophy day: it is therefore it should be

Apparently, it’s UNESCO’s World Philosophy Day, not that you’d know it in North America. But BBC is aware and asks the question: The love of wisdom might be a honourable pastime for cerebral old men sitting in dusty offices, but what use is philosophy for the rest of us?

Then it answers it in a neat little audio file that explains why learning philosophy is important for kids.

“It really does enable them to think more, to speak and listen more carefully, communicate more confidently, concentrate more,” says philosopher AC Grayling.

“They get used to the idea that there are some questions that don’t have ready answers so there is a kind of open-endedness and ambiguity.”

Here are some of them:

• Is certainty the same as truth?

• Is my God your God?

• Is there a difference between an ‘exit’ and a ‘way out’?

• Could God be an atheist?

• Is it OK to let someone in the queue behind you?

• Can you be proud of someone you’ve never met?

• Should you trust everyone once?

• Is a hole a thing?

• Is saying ‘I don’t know’ better than guessing?


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