Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 November, 2009

Schadenfreude Watch #3: Maple Leafs, circa 2009

The team that has never lost a Stanley Cup in the fall; that plays downtown in one of the Earth’s only ‘world class cities;’ that monopolizes the public airwaves so Canadians can’t watch real hockey on Saturday nights, is losing the only market it ever really cared about: the fat-asses in the luxury suites.


Schadenfreude is taking pleasure from other people’s misery. And, man, are we ever enjoying this one:

After putting a crappy product on ice and selling it as the national game; after depriving other locals in Southern Ontario from getting a real team; after continually raising ticket prices while continually weakening their ‘product,’ some people in the Centre of the Universe are starting to cry ‘ENOUGH!’

Looks good on you Maple Leaf Inc. Maybe there is some class in Toronto after all.

(I can say this because I was born there.)

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