Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 November, 2009

TV eats up 10% of your power bill

Really? Do TV’s consume 10% of a home’s power bills? They do in California and the state is going to do something about it, well, it’s going to force others to do something about it.

The state has passed a bill that will require TV manufacturers to make TV sets that will consume 33% less energy than current sets starting with the 2011 model year, and 50% less starting with 2013 models.

As Yahoo News explains, The regulatory move was sparked in part by the surge in popularity of larger flat-screen televisions that gobble up on average at least 40% more electricity than the old-style cathode ray tube sets.

Some will be exempted. Guess who? The 2% who can afford to own TVs that are 58″ in diagonal. (Why are the rich exempted from every rule that regulates the behaviour of all others? I know, I know.)

Per-capita electricity consumption in California, whose population has roughly doubled since 1970 to about 39 million, has remained flat for nearly three decades, while power demand for the country as a whole has grown by about 40%.

Recently, we’ve read a lot about these little gizmos they’re using in Europe that they place in the home to measure where you are using your electricity: toaster, lights, heating pad …

Sounds to me like we’re in big need of those dudes here, too.

Seems like watching TV has now become an economic decision. Who knew?

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