Posted by: Tony Carson | 22 November, 2009

Bad vs good cholesterol explained

Finally, an understandable explanation of how the bad and good cholesterol work … and exciting prospects for the future.


The particles that ferry cholesterol through the bloodstream are popularly known as “bad” or “good”: bad if they deposit cholesterol on vessel walls, potentially clogging them; good if they carry the cholesterol on to the liver for excretion. — NY Times, From the Lab, a New Weapon Against Cholesterol

Now scientists have created tiny particles in the laboratory that mimic those good carriers, scooping up the cholesterol before it can grow into dangerous deposits of plaque. The surfaces of these new particles are coated with fats and proteins so they can bind tightly with the sticky cholesterol to transport it through the bloodstream.

The particles may someday be important in treating cardiovascular disease.

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