Posted by: Tony Carson | 22 November, 2009

The humanism of the soccer referee

The blaring headline Hey Ireland, Please Drop the World Cup Do-Over might have a lot more credibility if it didn’t come from a statistics mad, re-play obsessed American.

“Do-overs belong in the fifth-grade schoolyard. A rematch for a global event like the World Cup could set a disastrous precedent for sports in general.”


But the US has entirely ruined its televised sports, all of them, by insisting that all action stop for as long as it takes for some guys in a booth somewhere to determine if one of the three million rules that govern their various sports has been infringed by an infraction.

God love the Brain-Trust of the the Beautiful Game for allowing the referees to be human, to get it wrong.

So call as loud as you want for a re-match, vent, spew, purge and move on. A re-match ain’t gonna happen and it shouldn’t, and everyone knows it.

But good on the Brain Trust for allowing an honest mistake to happen. The spirit of the game remains intact.

And Karma will win out …eventually.

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