Posted by: Tony Carson | 23 November, 2009

With these app on your smartphone you can do more than ‘reach out and touch’

Following a highly amusing weekend trolling for what’s new in online smut, The Daily Beast‘s Rachel Kramer Bussel presents eight of the Internet’s best new sex Web sites, apps, and downloads.

Passion — Leave it to Apple to quantify “good in bed.” An app called Passion, released in July, uses “all of the iPhone’s distinct features such as the microphone, accelerometer, and many others to determine an accurate score” for your sexual prowess.

I Just Made Love — With just shy of 60,000 entries, this site lets you record each of your individual sexploits like a notch on a virtual bedpost.

Beautiful People — Dipping its toes in the shallow end of human sexuality, Beautiful People is a dating site that weeds out the hideous, the weird-looking, and the jarringly asymmetrical.

Grindr— An insta-hookup device to make George Orwell proud, the Grindr iPhone app tracks your movements via GPS and shows you pics of people in your immediate vicinity who are looking for a booty call that very minute.

nOOkist — This Web site bills itself as “the Internet’s first confidential online sexual history log” and allows you to keep track of your sexual exploits with a computerized record.

Pleasurists — Because dildos don’t have Amazon reviews, this weekly compendium of sex toy evaluations covers everything from finger vibrators to the “candy stick,” which sounds innocent until you see just how large it is.

Red Light Center — Cybersex went 2.0 long ago, back when fans of the massive virtual world Second Life quickly realized they could make their avatars do some very dirty things together. So it was only a matter of time before someone launched an online realm dedicated solely to sex.

Real Touch — Porn collection need a little freshening up? The Real Touch is a sex toy for men. It’s akin to the Fleshlight (you’ll have to look it up) that “synchronizes via USB to an extensive online library of adult movie titles.”

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