Posted by: Tony Carson | 25 November, 2009

Climate Change: Science Has To Lead

On those stolen email from the scientists on Climate Change, Energy Analyst Geoffery Styles gets to the heart of the issue in his piece Do Leaked Emails Undermine the Scientific Consensus?:

The basic issue here that many of those responding from the climate change community seem unable or unwilling to grasp is that their real problem is not how particular individuals or groups might exploit this information, but how the information itself could undermine the faith of the public in the integrity of climate science.

I use the word faith deliberately, because for most of us it boils down to that.

The number of people actually equipped to read the scientific papers in question and ascertain whether the manipulation of charts and data implicated in some of the leaked e-mails is serious or not is vanishingly small, compared to the much larger number of us who must simply take it on faith that the scientists studying the climate and reporting on alarming changes in it are behaving in a fair, transparent, and unself-interested way, to the greatest extent humanly possible. It would be hard for most of us to read the e-mails in question objectively and not have that faith shaken, at least a bit.

But the greater point may be that the scientific community has not done a good enough job to convince us that there is a serious problem with global warming and what we must do to deal with it. Half of North America remains unconvinced. Whose fault is that?

You may argue that this is up to the political leaders. But that is folly, as has and is being proven.

Science has accumulated well-earned respect, despite the emails. It’s about time science got out of the labs and onto the streets. If there really is no time to waste, we shouldn’t be relying on the feel-good glad-handers to deliver the message, we need to hear it from those who actually know how bad it is.


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