Posted by: Tony Carson | 25 November, 2009

India most vulnerable to changing climate

India is more vulnerable to climate change than any other country, according to India’s Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh:

“Forget the Maldives and Bangladesh we are in the frontline.”

He cited several reasons for this:

• the dependence of Indian agriculture on the vagaries of the monsoon;

• the crucial role played by threatened Himalayan glaciers in regulating water supply for hundreds of millions of Indians;

• the vulnerability of major population centres to sea level rise; and

• the fact that almost all of India’s considerable mineral wealth lies buried beneath forests – how to get at these without contributing to further climate change?

On the positive side, however, the Minister said that climate change also offers huge opportunities for India to become a leader in developing and supplying cleaner technologies to the rest of the world, bringing wider benefits in terms of economic prosperity and jobs.



  1. If this message is communicated and understood in the Indian market, it might be one of the more hopeful messages yet.

    Watching the Indian market economy take on Climate Change might be one of the more impressive feats of market innovation.

    Perhaps optimistic, but interesting.

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