Posted by: Tony Carson | 25 November, 2009

NFL concussion cover-up?

The violence of your average NFL games is painful to watch and the league knows it — the cameras no longer roll as the player writhes on the field.

That violence has consequences. The disclosure of a recent study correlating concussions to early on-set of dementia was shocking … but comprehensible. What isn’t comprehensible is that the two co-chairs of the the League’s committee on brain injuries, members of the committee for more than 15 years, have discredited the finding. After an outcry from scientists, players and Congress they have resigned.

The National Hockey League has had a procedure in place for almost 10 years to deal with concussions: experts must consult with affected players who must pass a series of tests after being symptom-free before they are allowed back on the ice. Now the NFL will follow this procedure.

The NHL has long buried its head in the sand on this one. When they take it out they might be smelling law suites.

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