Posted by: Tony Carson | 27 November, 2009

Are slimmer people smarter?

During Thanksgiving day, the average American east 4,500 calories or twice the number to maintain weight.

Indeed, at the Thanksgiving meal alone, Americans eat about 3,000 calories.

The typical (American) adult gains between five and eight pounds in the short interval between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the equivalent of eating about 20,000 excess calories, or 550 calories a day beyond what you need to maintain weight.

But it’s as much about what they eat as how much they eat:

The defining characteristic of traditional holiday items like stuffing, traditional gravy, yams, and pie is that they’re all extremely high in calories and low in fiber. In other words, they’re the perfect mix of nutritional factors to cause a deficiency in satiety, meaning that you have to eat huge amounts of these foods before you feel good and full.

Which brings up the question: if you know how hazardous the five weeks to Christmas actually are to your health are you a fool to fall into the trap?

Put another way, are slimmer people smarter?



  1. Smart people plan an activity with their feasting, like a skating party, or an outdoor football game, or snowmobiling.

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