Posted by: Tony Carson | 28 November, 2009

TMZ is having an orgasm

The squeaky-clean hero to every fat white guy who hits a ball has found a spot of bother and TMZ is, like all over this.

Watching this Tiger Woods fiasco (?) will be a ‘how-to do’ the new journalism. Talk about no stone unturned. There is a goddamm story here and we’re going to find it.

It’s going to make you long for the days of the prolonged cover-up.

It’s got it all: bucks, celebrity, potential domestic dispute, inter-racial marriage, two nationalities — three if you count Thailand, sex, innuendo, police, Florida, a hydrant, a tree and … wow, it’s going to be hard to turn away from this baby.

And we won’t have to because TMZ is on the case.


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