Posted by: Tony Carson | 29 November, 2009

76,000 pedestrians killed in US in last 15 years

You know that old adage that it’s safer to fly than to cross the street? You can take that baby to the bank, in the US, at least.

Time has the story: Florida Grapples With Its Deadly Hit-and-Run Car Culture

Each month, about 400 pedestrians are fatally cut down by cars across the U.S. — the equivalent of a jumbo jet crash, and 76,000 have been killed that way since 1994, one of the highest pedestrian-death rates in the world.

In Florida alone, 490 pedestrians were killed by cars last year, the most in any state, and South Florida consistently ranks as one of the worst pockets for hit-and-run fatalities.

Why all this carnage?

The root cause is simple: the thoughtless sprawl of modern urban and suburban development has created too much high-speed space for cars and trucks, and too little of it for walkers, cyclists and the kind of public transit that reduces dependence on cars.

Dangerous by Design finds, for example, that less than 1.5% of federal transportation safety spending goes to pedestrian projects like increased sidewalk construction or cycling paths, even though pedestrians and cyclists account for 13% of all U.S. traffic deaths.

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