Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 December, 2009

Sochi 2014 Olympic Logo, huh?

We like to bash Olympic logos here and the trend continues with the newly announced logo for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games (Russia).


The lower-case logo is set in a rounded blue typeface and contains no images other than the five Olympic rings, and represents the first time an Internet domain has been part of an Olympic host city’s emblem, explains AP.

The word “” appears above the number “2014” in an apparent reflection, symbolizing the southern city’s water-based location on the Black Sea.

But does it work? Looks fairly soulless to me, almost bureaucratic, drab, less than inspiring — a bit reminiscent of the stolid architecture of the Soviet era.

But if the intent of the logo is to get people to go their website and they really deliver there, then OK, but they had better deliver and in about 200 languages.

Can’t wait to see the mascot.

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