Posted by: Tony Carson | 2 December, 2009

America’s attempt to resuscitate Afghanistan

From BAGnewsNote


The reason this photo touches a nerve right now is because it hits, in the most graphic and “unspun” way, at America’s frenzied resuscitation effort in propping up Afghanistan, its political system and especially, its military. The photo — taken last month by Getty photographer Chris Hondros showing an American medic giving CPR in a helicopter to a grievously wounded Afghan soldier — speaks to the true odds the poorly-trained, undermanned and quota-challenged Afghan military might actually deliver according to our terms and new timelines.

The other thing the photo does is offer a challenge to the U.S. corporate media….

The question it poses is: with Obama putting a new stamp on the campaign, to what extent does traditional media have the courage to visualize for us what’s really going on (in some kind of coherent context)? That’s in comparison, say, to these artful and playful photos published by the NYT, on the 30th and on the 1st , chosen to illustrate their lead stories about the surge.

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