Posted by: Tony Carson | 2 December, 2009

Global warming: 6 things to think about

Here is a list of 6 aspects of our lives that will change as a result of global warming. Six. But look at them! Any one of them is a potential global catastrophe.

“Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.” So concluded a Lancet—UCL Commission report earlier this year.

A systematic appraisal of available evidence showed that the risks from climate change are:

• changing patterns of disease,

• food insecurity,

• unsafe water and sanitation,

• damage to human settlements,

• extreme events, and

• impacts to population growth and migration

All were far more severe for human health than most observers had understood.

The message added an important new dimension to the political debate about how to respond to climate change. The threat was not only environmental and economic; it was directed at life itself.


  1. Yes, yes – all true, of course. Just not for us, at least not yet. We, the rich people, whose countries are primarily driving climate change, happen to be lucky enough to live well north of the equator. From our perch we’ll be the “last and least” affected by global warming so we really don’t have to do anything about it for decades. Sucks to be poor and vulnerable and powerless, doesn’t it?

  2. Ya, well I live in a part of the world that more than anywhere else will benefit (if that isn’t an obscenity) from climate change, but it’s not doing my conscience any good to know that I’m part of the problem that will kill others.

    I know you’re being facetious, but we all have to learn what part we can play in this and do it. Unfortunately, I have a government that obviously doesn’t give a shit about others — we have had not a whiff of leadership on this.

    It’s not a good feeling to disrespect your own country.

  3. You might be interested in the impact of these effects of global warming on children in particular. I have joined the Save the Children Canada’s EVERY ONE Campaign and they have posted a report called Feeling the Heat on their website. Pretty frightening stuff – – this links to the Issues and Briefings page, where you can find the pdf for the report.

  4. Tony, doesn’t it stick in your craw that both national opposition leaders have crawled into dark corners on this global threat? They’re two very small men at a time when we need big leaders willing, on principle alone, to stand up for what’s right. That’s called leadership and it’s in maddening short supply in our Canada.

  5. Remember the Trudeau-era phrase — Let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark? PET’s attempt at an energy policy. We’ve long learned that the rogue Albertans want no truck with Ottawa telling them what they can and cannot do — it will fan their faux separatist ‘flames.’ All the leaders know this.

    Canada’s reputation and responsibilities are being held to randoms by a few (empty) ten gallon hats and the oil lobby.

    But they aren’t just sticking it in our craw, they’re sticking … well, you know.

    We’re just trying to get another message out here. Limp, sure, but we’re trying. And you’re helping. Thanks.

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