Posted by: Tony Carson | 2 December, 2009

Harper and Global Warming: fat, white, smug and bought

Canadians, who care at all about the consequences of global Climate Change, are going to have a rough time next week.

As the pompous figure of Stephen Harper struts onto the world stage we can be confident of nothing so much as his insincerity. He has no intention of doing anything to reduce Canada’s impact on the globe’s emerging catastrophe that he isn’t forced into doing.

The Globe’s Jeffery Simpson outlines Harper’s two strategies to allow him to step from the stage with a minimum of damage. Basically, wait for the US lead which, from the Senate, will arrive a shadow of Obama’s commitments. And insist that China and India take a lead that Canada hides from.

But his arrival on the stage is damage enough to Canada’s reputation. He represents the very worst face of this horrifying issue: fat, white, smug and bought.

Clearly, Harper doesn’t give a shit about his own children, never mind yours.


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