Posted by: Tony Carson | 4 December, 2009

Drones, a new evil made-in-America

The drone program is slipping under the radar and is a huge hit with the US military for a number of reasons:

• US lives aren’t at risk

• the costs are easily afforded within the $684 billion military budget

• drones can go places man can’t

• drones can destroy at least as well as man

• drones have no conscience, don’t get PTSD

• drones don’t require any accountability

There are no rules covering drones. ‘Soldiers’ just fire them then go home (although there are accounts that these soldiers are getting PTSD).

This, from NY Times C.I.A. to Expand Use of Drones in Pakistan:

The drone program has enjoyed bipartisan support in Congress and was escalated by the Obama administration in January. More C.I.A. drone attacks have been conducted under President Obama than under President George W. Bush. The political consensus in support of the drone program, its antiseptic, high-tech appeal and its secrecy have obscured just how radical it is. For the first time in history, a civilian intelligence agency is using robots to carry out a military mission, selecting people for killing in a country where the United States is not officially at war.

The drone warfare pioneered by the C.I.A. in Pakistan and the Air Force in Iraq and Afghanistan is the leading edge of a wave of push-button combat that will raise legal, moral and political questions around the world, said P. W. Singer, a scholar at the Brookings Institution and author of the book “Wired for War.”

Forty-four countries have unmanned aircraft for surveillance, Mr. Singer said. So far, only the United States and Israel have used the planes for strikes, but that number will grow.

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