Posted by: Tony Carson | 4 December, 2009

Pork in a petrie dish

Dutch scientists are making pork in a petrie dish with the hopes that factory farming will end in a decade.

Good news in this story from the Toronto Star?

Sure, on the face of it but dig a little deeper and it gets a little ā€¦ less appetizing. What they’ve got on the petrie dish so far are scollop-sized ‘skeletal muscles,’ bloodless and white.

What do they taste like? No one knows but it’s probably not like pork.

“Nobody knows where the particular flavour of different meat comes from,” Mark Post, the team’s lead researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands said. “Why does lamb taste like lamb? We’re not sure. It’s a particular mixture of blood, iron and fat, perhaps.”

Still, if the textures there and all they have to do is add the flavour, what’s new about that? Everyone has been to McDonalds.


  1. Reminds me of Pigoons:

    A pigoon is a fictional creature from Margaret Atwood’s novel ‘Oryx and Crake’.

    A pigoon is a laboratory (commercial) pig with human stems cells implanted into it, to grow organs of choice.
    “The goal of the pigoon project was to grow an assortment of foolproof human-tissue organs in a transgenic knockout pig host…”

    (M.Atwood, Oryx and Crake, Virago Press 2004, p. 25)
    pigoon pig transplant oryx and crake atwood

  2. How did that end? In a bun?

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