Posted by: Tony Carson | 5 December, 2009

Victory for common sense in Colorado

How would you like to be sitting in front of a guy in class who’s packing heat? We;;, relax, it’s no longer legal to carry a concealed weapon at one of Colorado’s placed of higher learning … that would be higher learning. One of the last hold-outs in the country.

Joining most major colleges nationwide, Colorado State University has banned concealed weapons on campus with a vote that pitted faculty asking for a prohibition against students demanding the right to carry guns.

Guns are already off-limits at K-12 schools in Colorado, reports USA Today.

“Overwhelmingly the faculty feel our campus will be a safer place” with a concealed weapons ban, said Dan Turk, associate professor of computer information systems.

But many students opposed the ban, and the student government at the Fort Collins campus urged the board not to ban guns.

Senior Brady Allen, who lawfully carries a weapon on campus, told the board that fear of an accidental discharge from a concealed weapon was a silly reason to ban guns.

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