Posted by: Tony Carson | 6 December, 2009

Dealing with global warming and with terrorism: one approach

The impulse, particularly in the US, is to throw everything at a problem, particularly the military.

The US has ‘declared war’ on everything from poverty to drugs and has gotten … nowhere. Might, the US may eventually figure out, is not right, or at least, not effective.

Take the war on terrorism, for instance. Sending 100,000 troops into Afghanistan to deal with what is estimated to be ‘less than 100’ al qaeda is, not to put too fine a point on it, patently absurd.

As has been correctly pointed out, terrorism isn’t just an American fight, it is a world-wide fight. So, rather than put all the energy and bucks and blood into fighting un-winnable wars, why not put the same resources into creating a truly integrated world-wide intelligence community focused specifically on terrorism?

Ya, I know, there is such a net-work now, but we also know that even within the US one agency won’t talk to another, never mind international antipathies. The challenge would be to create international intelligence systems that actually work.

An effective international, wholly integrated intelligence net-work is the only solution to terrorism. If there is a terrorist ‘country,’ sure, deal with it, conventionally.

The point is to move from using military power to using brain poweer to win our battles.

Same thing with global warming.

Rather than, in effect, declaring war on climate change by spending gazzillions of dollars painfully reducing carbon emissions to thereby reduce the impact on global warming, why not spend a fraction of that devising ways to move into an entirely new energy paradigm?

Sure, do what we can now to address our problems, but immediately institute a world-wide net-work of research and development, properly mandated and funded, that will create new, effective and clean ways to power the planet.

Ya, I know, this is being done now, but not really, not in any inter-connected way with a clear target and aggressive funding.

Green technology development is being handled now in about the same way that international intelligence is being handled: poorly.

It’s time to change the way the planet works. We will all suffer to one degree or another from intelligence and global warming failures but if we act together, responsibly and with proper funding, we can all profit together.

Naive? Probably, but we had better start working our brains; brawn has done nothing but create the problems we’re now facing.

And we had better start working together with as much bucks as we can find, properly focussed.

Tall order? Ya, well, look at the extent of the problems.



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  2. Its true, use brain and you see what really needs to be done. Terrorism is something created by the dominating countries of the world for their own benefits. They created warlords, trained them, used them for their own benefit and then left them. These warlords, to earn money with the only skill they have learnt “terrorism” started marketing themselves and various governments started hiring them for their benefits. These groups are faithful to no one, but work for everyone who pays them. This whole mess has been created by these countries (xyz) who have enough funds to carry out such operations and who want their country (xyz) to dominate the world so that every country should progress in a way that is in the best interest of “xyz” country.

    This mess better be cleared by them and the general public better be kept away from this whole mess.

    We, the general public better work on something that can benefit everyone like Global warming projects. Terrorism CAN somehow be reversed to normal position and eliminated from this world, but global warming … this fight once out of hands and control, can never be reversed and this is not something AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF A FEW (xyz) COUNTRIES, but the whole world.

    If we use our brain, we can decide that global warming needs immediate and priority attention just now.

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