Sam Carson is a 30 year old Canadian travel junkie, finally taken to home in the UK.

Equality is very important to me, that everyone should be given the same rights, across the board. This leads me to be a strong supporter of Amnesty International, and a keen advocate of human rights. I am also interested in how business and social issues can co-exist.

I am a researcher for London-based charity FairPensions, where we work with pension funds to be more proactive in responsible investment on behalf of their fund memebers. I am also a student in Economics and Social Policy at the University of London’s Birkbeck College. I have a wife and two cats who hate this blog.

The notes from my study are also published online and can be found at discourse.tiddlyspot.com. The rest of my online existence can be seen at my Sam Carson

Tony Carson

A long interest in American and Canadian politics who seeks to engage others in conversations that go a little deeper than those of the standard Talking Head. I try to view contemporary events through the prism of history. As well, I have an active interest in physical expression as my interests indicate. I have a couple of under graduate degrees. Above all things, I am a generalist.

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  1. The Colts for sure…although the Bears really have a great defense!
    Ottawa in 6 but the Ducks could win it all!

    I majored in English. Why? I got Monday and Friday off in my final year. I didn’t enjoy it. History was ok. Phys ed got me two credits that final year. That was 1968. Moments before Trudeau emerged as the King of Canada. I voted for Stanfield though. Loved Trudeau. I caught on after the fact that he was our Kennedy.
    Not computer savvy either so go to next comment.

  2. Just read about 5 articles in Time about JFK. Loved that guy too! He was a fashion plate. And from Vietnam to Cuba to USSR to civil rights to public service, he was obviously ahead of his time. What a guy! Turns out he was right about everything. Of course, at the time, it really seemed just the opposite. But in retrospect?
    He probably picked the Giants that year over Green Bay. But…he probably had tremendous respect for Vince. (Green Bay won 37-0). Loved JFK though. More than ever.

  3. This message is NOT for posting.

    I thought your piece hit the nail on the head. It was posted on an online magazine, http://www.sikhchic.com and attracted an extraordinary number of responses, many of them good. Please send me your e-mail address and/or phone number: would love to tell you more about it. My number is 1.519.836.6565 (Guelph).

  4. Our email for this site is carsonspost[at]yahoo.co.uk. We look forward to hearing about it!

  5. Your blog is super.

  6. I realy enjoyed reading your blog articles and comments. There is freedom in truth- telling!

    Writing in from Singapore

    With every blessing to you,

    South Asian Connection http://www.southasianconnection.com

    Life with God is a Faith Adventure Par Excellence

    *Serving God’s Purposes in Our Generation [Acts 13:36]

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