Posted by: Tony Carson | 25 August, 2007

Can the Arab Plan help find a way in the Middle East?

The Middle East Peace Conference in the fall, announced by the Bush Administration in July, is already on shaky grounds.

Egypt President Hosni Mubarak, an expected US ally, is criticizing a lack of framework within which the conference will negotiate.

As this Reuters article explains, “Arab officials say the United States has given few details about the agenda for the conference, leaving little time for a concerted effort to help Israelis and Palestinians bridge the chasm on issues such as final borders, Jerusalem, and the fate of Palestinian refugees.”

The basis for this Conference is the so-called Arab Plan which in effect says that if Israel accepts the pre-1967 Palestinian borders, the Arab nations will formally recognize Israel as a country.

Mubarek feels that a consensus should be reached on many issues of the Plan before the conference.

As Israel continues to build its illegal settlements on Palestinian land, there is wide-spread speculation that Israel has no interest in accepting the limiting borders of the Arab Plan.


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